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I work with my colleague at McLachlin Designs to create websites for businesses, including copy, design, and programming. We provide branding and marketing advice to ensure your message gets through to your customers in simple language.

Tallman 40th-Brand-1sTallman Group is a trucking company and the largest dealer of International trucks in Canada. We delivered the copy, tagline, branding advice, design, and programming for the company’s website.

“Thank you for your hard work on tight deadlines in branding Tallman Group. We are really proud of the brand message that was put together. Our brand really shines through now in a concise and professional way.”

~ Nicola Shortt, Tallman Group

BTA Design Services logoBTA Design Services provides design and verification services for IT companies in Ottawa.



Theta TTS manufactures precision parts and assembled components for the auto industry.

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