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Interest in your product or service grows in proportion to the number of people who know about you and understand what you offer. Well-written stories cultivate that audience with a steady stream of compelling PR.

I tell those stories about your products and services, about the people behind them and – especially – about the people who use and like them.

Here are some examples of press releases I’ve researched and written for my clients.

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Rodeo FX Brings Insight and Enthusiasm to Deadpool

RodeoFX_Deadpool02_FinalFebruary 2016

Rodeo FX had a hand in creating the look of this wildly successful “superhero” movie. The Montreal VFX studio’s VFX supervisor, Wayne Brinton, is a huge fan of the Marvel Comic’s antihero and used that passion to help bring the character to life in a way that was in keeping with the comics.

“Everyone at Rodeo FX was very excited to work on this movie,” he said. “Deadpool has amazing action sequences and still makes fun of the idea of superheroes.”

Rodeo FX Wins VES Award for Game of Thrones: City of Volantis


February 2016

For the second straight year, Rodeo FX has won a Visual Effects Society award for its work. This year it won for the creation of the City of Volantis for HBO’s Game of Thrones.

For more on how they created Volantis, as well as the destruction of the temple at Meereen and the creepy Old Valyria ruins, visit Rodeo FX.

Using the Aerigon UAV to Film Skateboarders from the Air

November 2015

We Are Blood is a movie about pro skateboarder Paul Rodriquez and the global community of skateboarders. It was directed by Ty Evans, who shot footage from the ground, from his skateboard, and from the air using helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). You can watch the trailer for WAB here.

We call the Aerigon – which is our client’s vehicle – a UAV to distinguish it from the prosumer drones that fly small cameras that can’t capture feature film-ready imagery.

Operating a UAV for filming requires a three-person team. The pilot (in the blue shirt) flies the Aerigon, manipulating its twelve rotors from a flight controller. The camera operator (on the right) controls the positioning of the camera and lens aboard the UAV via a gimbal control unit. There is usually a third person to maintain the craft, change batteries, and troubleshoot.

It’s neat to see how filmmaking is being influenced by UAV pilots and camera operators, who in many cases are younger than many Hollywood filmmakers. The director of WAB is Ty Evans. He speaks in this video about how he used the Aerigon and why it allowed him to capture novel shots he would never have been able to get before.


Ty Evans testimonial – AERIGON in We Are Blood from Intuitive Aerial on Vimeo.


NHFU Relied on Aerigon UAV for Aerial Cinematography on Return of the Giant Killers


NHFU_Giant Killers_Elephant shadows

Elephant shadows, courtesy of Brad Bestelink at NHFU

Brad Bestelink is a director, DP, and producer of nature documentaries at Natural History Film Unit in Botswana. He and his crew have created some amazing films following African wildlife, in the wild, for the BBC.

“We tell raw, real stories. It’s a refreshing look at the natural world. We find that audiences prefer honesty to feel-good fantasies of wildlife.”

He combines ground footage with aerial shots captured from Intuitive Aerial‘s Aerigon UAV. “The Aerigon is unique in that it’s the most stable system out there. We chose it because it was the first to reliably fly a 4K camera, which is our main acquisition format. Other drones look like Meccano sets.”

Check out the aerial shots in NHFU’s wonderful Return of the Giant Killers, which is available online.


Rodeo FX Has Won a Second Straight Emmy Award for Game of Thrones


The temple created by Rodeo FX for Game of Thrones

Rodeo FX has been working on HBO’s Game of Thrones for many seasons. The Montreal studio won an Emmy Award last year for its visual effects work and just won another. It delivered nearly 200 visual effects shots for Season 5 – animation, digital matte painting, and crowd simulation – to create key scenes, including the destruction of the Harpy statue atop the Meereen temple, the eerie Smoking Sea of Valyria, and the ancient city of Volantis.

And, once again, Rodeo FX has created a fascinating look behind the scenes at how they create their visual effects. Check out this demo reel.


Welk Aviation Takes Flight with AERIGON


Larry Welk of Welk Aviation

We’re seeing helicopter companies moving into the professional cinema/broadcast drone market to complement what they do. Another term for the type of high-quality, heavy lifting machines like the AERIGON is an aerial remote camera head or ARCH™.


Visual effects studio works on Birdman


VFX Studio Works on BirdmanI wrote this for Rodeo FX, a visual effects and postproduction studio in Montreal, which did amazing work on the Academy Award-winning Birdman.

I love this movie and learned a lot about how it was put together through interviews with the VFX supervisor and artists.


Pro cinema drone comes to Hollywood


Drone company opens LA officeHere’s a straightforward company announcement we distribued to over 2,000 media contacts worldwide.

Our press releases are picked up by the media because they are concise, strongly worded, and interesting.


Oklahoma! showing


Oklahoma PosterOur client, Qube Cinema, provided the digital cinema equipment needed to show a landmark screening of a restored version of this classic film. I interviewed the technical director of the TCM Classic Film Festival, the owner of the company responsible for technical setup, and a VP at the company that restored the film.

Just wish I could’ve been at the Hollywood premiere!

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