Case Studies


There’s only so much a company can talk about itself before readers tune out. An effective way to promote your products and services is to let those who use speak on your behalf. Why do they use them? Why do they like them? What are the unique benefits to using what you offer?

These are not your conventional, templated case studies that nobody wants to read. They are profiles of your customers and their interesting work, highlighting how they profit from using your products and services. As third-party endorsements, they carry much more weight than anything you could say about yourself.

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Production company makes TV commercial

Production studio makes TV commercialThis Hollywood-based production studio relied on our client’s remote review-and-approval tool to finish a three-part TV ad campaign for Virgin Holidays.

I interviewed two of the studio’s artists for background information on their workflow, then combined that with details about what the software tool does.

Qube Cinema 4K 3D System Installed at Houston Museum of Natural Science

Qube_HMNS_WorthamGiantScreenTheater_03The move from 70 mm film to digital projection has been challenging and rewarding for giant screen theatres such as this one in Houston.

Our client provided the server needed to handle the 4K and 3D system.

Qube Cinema Partners with Microcinema to Install D-Cinema Servers Throughout Italy

LR-Qube_Dual Xi 2013

Our client worked with an Italian theatre chain to upgrade its projection servers so they could show 4K, 3D, and high frame movies, as well as live opera and rock concerts.

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