Filming Lions from the Sky with Aerigon UAV

Brad Bestelink is a director, DP, and producer of nature documentaries at Natural History Film Unit in Botswana. He and his crew have created some amazing films following African wildlife, in the wild, for the BBC.

“We tell raw, real stories. It’s a refreshing look at the natural world. We find that audiences prefer honesty to feel-good fantasies of wildlife.”

He combines ground footage with aerial shots captured from Intuitive Aerial‘s Aerigon UAV. “The Aerigon is unique in that it’s the most stable system out there. We chose it because it was the first to reliably fly a 4K camera, which is our main acquisition format. Other drones look like Meccano sets.”

Check out the aerial shots in NHFU’s wonderful Return of the Giant Killers, which is available online.

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