When Science Catches Up with Fiction

When I was writing my novel, The Rest Is Silence – a story that deals, in part, with the genetic engineering of a bacterium that eats plastic – I figured that the technical aspects eventually would be undermined by new scientific discoveries. In my book, Benny is a young molecular geneticist who engineers… Continue reading

Moore’s Law and the Development of Cancer Drugs

Cancer Can Be Beaten. It was a Canadian Cancer Society poster I had in my bedroom when I was in high school. The slogan stuck with me when I moved to New York to attend graduate school at the Sloan-Kettering Institute in the mid-eighties. Despite its emphatic promise, cancer at… Continue reading

Connecting With Readers Is One of the Joys of Publishing

“The two novels represent a rethinking of how apocalyptic threat affects the world: these texts reject the idea of immediate doom represented by, for example, fiction focused on nuclear destruction.” ~ Conrad Scott This analysis of my first novel, The Rest Is Silence, from an academic at the University of Alberta,… Continue reading